Welcome to The Farthest Wave. If you are looking for the album by Cathie Ryan, look here instead. Because the title is near and dear to my heart, and because I like Celtic music, I had to go out and purchase Cathie Ryan's album. Read a professional review, if you'd like. The music is not as exciting or exuberant as what I've heard from RiverDance, nor is it as plaintive as some of my favorites by Silly Wizard, but Cathie sings in a manner that I would term intimate, as if you're at a small gathering of family or close-knit friends, and your sister or a dear friend is doing the singing. Her title song speaks of parting and love lost, while my title poem is a prelude to meeting and love found. She closes with "Home, Sweet Home", a song that I have never liked and knew that I never would like. But she did it very well, and I will never say never about "Home, Sweet Home" again. If you're the least bit sentimental, do yourself a favor and buy this album. I am pleased that her album and my poem share the same title, and pleased to include her album here by reference.

The Farthest Wave

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The site derives its name from a poem that I wrote for my wife. But it is mostly about me, because she doesn't care much about computers or websites. Here you will find information about subjects that interest me, including my writings, technical analysis of stocks, my fruit trees, artificial neural networks, computers/software engineering, various subjects in the physical and life sciences, theology, and traveling. In addition to these, I have other interests including music (French Horn in particular) and photography.